Designed to elevate your professional speaking skills to an advanced level, you will unlock speaking techniques and insider secrets that will transform your performance to ensure you deliver transformational speeches that captivate your audience every time you open your mouth.

‚ÄúAfter taking this course I finally understand what Khalila means when she says there is a difference between trained and untrained speakers. This programme changed my life‚ÄĚ

- Maryam Javaid, CEO, professional speaker and speakers advocate coach.



Do you have an aspiration to become a TEDx Speaker?

Khalila has helped seventeen speakers reach the TEDx Stage in 2024 and is on a mission to help more voices shine their ideas and messages onto this incredible platform of over one billion viewers.


Imagine if...
Every time you spoke... people were really listening, I mean REALLY listening!

When you shared your message... it was deeply UNDERSTOOD!
When you spoke up... you were able to create an immense IMPACT on the entire audience!

Your inbox was full... of ideal clients, dream leads, and WELL PAID speaking opportunities?

Signature Keynote is a twelve-week programme designed to elevate your professional speaking skills to an advanced level.


You'll unlock speaking techniques and insider secrets transforming your performance to ensure transformational speeches and captivate your audience every time you open your mouth.

You’ll be introduced to my 7 WONDERS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING formula. You’ll deep dive into these key fundamental techniques that make a great & memorable speech - captivating your audience through storytelling.

What’s Waiting For You Inside Signature Keynote

12 x Live Group Training Technique Calls with Implementation

Signature Welcome

Find out your speaking style and enter into the speaker’s Matrix (there's no going back!)

Signature Intro

Learn how to captivate your audience and move them from stuck to action.

Signature Story

Captivate your audience through emotive and storytelling techniques.

Signature Content

Part 1 + 2: educate and inspire your audience through poetic speech. sbdfhsifh

Signature Outro

Create strong and compelling calls to action, and sell your business and ideas with ease.

Signature Movement

Learn all about body positioning, intonation and making your audience feel seen and heard.

Signature Practise

No more relying on notes, learn how to deliver like a professional with memorisation.

Signature Delivery

Prepare and deliver your signature keynote speech with LIVE coach & peer feedback!

Plus.. Access To These Incredible Bonuses



Be trained on FULL SIGNATURE KEYNOTE TEMPLATES to write up your signature speech - the business card of every speaker! 
Experience immense STORY TELLING IMMERSION to ensure your content is memorable as a powerful speaker!


Have INTENSIVE COACHING with Khalila’s expert eyes and ears on you as you grow in your speaking techniques and delivery!


Work with Khalila to GET YOU BOOKED up to speak at events!

See what others are saying:

Sophia Choudry: Founder of Roti Box Official and TEDx speaker:

Sophia is the founder of a highly succesful brand and wanted to persue her career as a public speaker. 
Since working in Power Of Voice Academy Sophia has been booked as a keynote speaker in many industry leading events aswell as becoming a TEDx speaker.


Farzana Rahman: Founder of Desi Doll:

Desi Doll is a household brand loved internationally with groundbreaking products sold in Selfridges, Asda, Morrisons, and more. Farzana had never shared her story, but being coached through Khalila's signature programme pushed her towards her first ever speaking engagement.

‚ÄúI have never been so engaged by a speaker.‚ÄĚ - Audience feedback

‚ÄúShe was one of the best storytellers I have heard.‚ÄĚ - Audience feedback

Ameenah Shaw: Founder of Naturelle Hair Treats Ldn and TEDx speaker.

Ameenah went through Stage School where she joined to get better for¬†selling her programme. She then caught the speakers‚Äô BUG, gained the confidence to speak, and has been booked as a keynote speaker on many stages such as ONE UMMAH and HALAL TOURISM - WOMENS‚Äô EMPOWERMENT EVENT. She even went on to¬†curating¬†an event she had been dreaming about for over ten years -¬†SIS WEAR YOUR CROWN! An event people came out from saying¬†‚Äúthis was the best event I have ever been to‚ÄĚ.¬†
She has now become a TEDx speaker, her dream platform, using Khalila's coaching and training. 


Ibby Aslam: Ibby is a 7-figure business owner who has an incredible story and is now a TEDx speaker.

Ibby¬†decided to work with Khalila to help him elevate his speaking game and in week one they had already eliminated those dreaded ‚Äėerrms‚Äô.¬†He got his first booking as a speaker where he was flown out internationally to speak in front of 5,000 people - for a very well paid opportunity! He worked with Khalila both online and in an in-person studio to ensure his time on the stage was one nobody would forget!
Ibby has now implemented his training with Khalila and has gotten onto the dream platform of TEDx.

Shahida Rahman: Shahida is a best-selling author who came to Khalila to become a more recognised speaker.

Together they mastered interview techniques that Shahida took with her to multiple media and stages, and she got her first well paid speaking booking.

‚ÄúKhalila I am so excited I have just been booked to speak and I am being paid more for it than I get paid in my day job for an entire month!‚ÄĚ


Khadija Al Jabri: Khadija is the Director of Government Communications in Dubai, and she came to Khalila at the start of her entrepreneurship as the founder of PLAY MAKER.

Khadija was invited to deliver her first keynote speech and she worked together with Khalila on the techniques and templates using the Seven Wonders of Public Speaking method. She is now being booked as a professional speaker and is launching her podcast that uses storytelling to share the work to empower survivors and promote social advancement. Khadija has a huge message to share with the world and by working through her signature keynote is now clear and confident to get out and do this. 


Khalila has studied with the best public speaking trainers in the world, has spent hundreds of thousands of hours studying the best public speakers out there, and spoken herself in front of thousands internationally.


She has revised it all down to the key fundamentals of what makes a GREAT & MEMORABLE speech - and now she is sharing her findings as:



Have a ready-to-deliver signature talk along with all the tools you need to recreate it as and when you are called to speak.
Be ready to up level as a professional speaker ready to take on any stage and go professional!

Receive intense feedback throughout as you collaborate in a small group of up to SIX - this means you have access to the full support you need on your speaker’s journey.


Khalila went from a struggling single mum of four to a serial entrepreneur running multiple businesses and gaining success all without sacrificing her values as a Muslim woman.

Khalila trained with some of the most successful public speakers in the world but found so many were doing things that went against her beliefs and so went about setting up her own.

She founded Power of Voice Academy, the FIRST public speaking academy for Muslims in the world which is transforming the lives of thousands of Muslims globally and empowering them to speak up and share their big ideas and messages.

She is looking forward to seeing you in the next Signature Keynote Programme or speaking with you on an Signature Keynote Application Call.

Here's Everything You'll Receive:

  • Welcome Call and Speaker Overview¬†¬†|¬†¬£597 VALUE
  • 8x Live Group Training Technique Calls with Implementation¬†|¬†¬£12,197 VALUE
  • The Seven Wonders of Public Speaking¬†Explained by Khalila Lister¬†| ¬†¬£4,297¬†VALUE
  • Signature Delivery¬†- Student Spotlight with Stand and Deliver Prep Day |¬†¬£1,097 VALUE
  • Student Advocate Coaching and direct feedback on your strengths and progress¬†|¬†¬£3,029 VALUE

Plus you’ll receive over £8,000 in bonus training tools, support and resources:

Total Value of £29,218!



Today's price: £4,297!

Payment plan option available.



Now the only question left is, are you ready to speak up and step into your full potential?

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