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My mission is to create life changing events for Muslim women to be heard, honoured and appreciated as we should!

I am a public speaking coach & professional speaking is what I do as a living.

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Speaking is my passion, a skill I am blessed with and my voice is a tool I use to motivate, inspire and educate. Being a Muslim woman that covers, society does not expect me to be vocal, but I have been blessed to speak and represent our faith in a number of engagements and am passionate about continuing to do this needed work Inshaa Allah (God willing).

I have trained with the best of the best and I believe it is now time to bring training and/or motivational speeches that make a big difference to lives.


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Khalila delivers keynote speeches on a variety of topics that can be tailored and adjusted to suit your event as well as interactive live training and workshops that leave people motivated and transformed.

 “It is not every day you see a niqabi woman mesmerising the crowd but Khalila’s energy is addictive. I was deeply moved”

- Event Attendee

Khalila has spoken on:

“I am not religious but admire those who are not influenced by culture, who have the strength to do what feels right for them and spread the message of peace and love.” 

Marie - TEDx

“It is my pleasure to recommend Khalila Lister. I had the pleasure of working on projects of mine and she demonstrated a clear, and enthusiastic message. Her collaboration and speaking skills were truly impressive with her passion beyond presentations. I highly recommend her as a speaker, as a Muslim woman from Britain who would provide powerful insights to multiple topics”

- Abdul Malik Tailor - Award winning events in Halal tourism

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Keynotes and Trainings



To create massive impact & grow your bank balance.

As a result, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of using their voice and mastering public speaking strategies and skills
  • Find their fierce courage to speak up and share their message
  • Understand how to use their voice as a tool in business to create success and wealth
  • Be taken on an emotional journey through Khalila’s story of voiceless to finding her voice
  • Appreciate and be unapologetically yourself just as you are
  • Gain the five-step method to powerfully owning your voice


As a result, participants will:

  • Discover their passions and dream
  • Stop playing small and make actionable steps to transformation
  • Learn how to confidently deliver your message
  • Position yourself as a leader in your industry
  • Gain success without sacrificing values


Interactive workshop for businesses and entrepreneurs to create impactful stories.

As a result, participants will:

  • Learn how to structure a great story
  • Khalila’s proven five R method © to craft your brand signature story
  • Know how to use elegant vulnerability to connect but not need to share more than you are comfortable with
  • Kill-off the elevator pitch and use storytelling to create massive opportunities
  • Understand how to use storytelling to land bigger stages, media and podcasts
  • How to captivate your audience using stories
  • Delivery and speaking techniques to ensure your spoken story is highly engaging

Khalila has delivered a variety of keynotes and is a powerful, inspirational and motivational speaker. If you would like to discuss her delivering a keynote speech at your event please get in touch.

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Attendee & Organiser Feedback:

Public Speaking Techniques (Workshops)

This can be moderated according to your audience’s level of speaking experience.

Option one: Beginner speakers

How to use your voice powerfully and captivate your audience. This workshop will ensure the audience leave with a new confidence to speak up and share their message with the world.

Option two: Advanced and seasoned speakers

How to use your voice and master professional speaking techniques to be remembered on any stage. Khalila will take you through speaking methods she has mastered over her speaking career and you will go from being a good speaker to a phenomenal powerhouse speaker. 

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Khalila is a Muslim revert from Jewish origin. She has been Muslim since 2007 when she reverted at just 19 years old. She is a single mother of four children who she home schools while running two successful businesses. She is passionate about creating a successful life without needing to sacrifice your values. She is the founder of the first public speaking academy for Muslims in the world & has spoken on multiple international large-scale platforms sharing her message. She is passionate about sharing her story and is happy to take interviews and connect.

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