The First Public Speaking Academy for Muslims In The World


The greatest tool you own - is your voice!


The First Public Speaking Academy For Muslims In The World


The greatest tool you own - is your voice!



Meet Khalila

The founder and CEO of Power Of Voice Academy.  Khalila is a TEDx and international speaker, a public speaking coach and strategist. She is a serial entrepreneur and her global platform is transforming the lives of thousands of Muslims from around the world. Khalila went from a struggling single mum of four to running multiple businesses and gaining success all without sacrificing her values as a Muslim woman. She grew her businesses organically using what she says is the greatest tool you own, ‘your voice’. Khalila trained with some of the most successful public speakers in the world but found so many were doing things that went against her beliefs and so went about setting up her own. She is now helping countless Muslim entrepreneurs, thought leaders and professionals to go from Voiceless to Powerhouse speakers, because these are the voices that need to be heard and stories that need to be told!


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Welcome to Power Of Voice Academy

If you are someone with a BIG message and passion inside of you, then you are at the right place!

I created Power Of Voice Academy as a community and training programme to lift you up into your full potential as a speaker and motivator and I am so excited you landed here!

In a world of so many voices, social media influencers and reality TV we are constantly caught up listening to all the noise (guilty), yet the true voices that need to be heard live inside people just like YOU!

I created Power Of Voice Academy to share everything I have learnt and experienced on my journey as an entrepreneur and speaker. Speaking up literally changed my life and I am here to help it change yours too inshaa Allah.

Standing on a boat in front of hundreds of Muslim business women, floating along the River Thames, I loudly praised Allah mid-speech with the backdrop of Parliament and some of the most famous buildings in the world. I got to be the first Muslim woman on TEDx Santa Barbara, a platform with billions of viewers sharing my ‘big idea’ entitled- Fighting Cultural Misconception Against Muslims! Things I never dreamed possible until mastering speaking techniques that opened doors I thought would never open for me- a Muslim niqabi woman. These doors are not limited to me. It just takes putting in the work to create a life once upon a time you wouldn’t even dare to dream of!

Power Of Voice Academy is here to put Muslims onto the public speaking map. Your voice is the greatest tool you own and speaking up with powerful techniques will captivate your audience, grow your bank balance and most importantly help get your needed message out into the world without compromising your beliefs and values. Want to make a change in this world?

Power Of Voice Academy is the only Muslim public speaking academy in the world - getting your voice heard and stories told UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Tired of downplaying, half stepping, quieting your voice?

 I believe that you have a lot that can benefit this world and it's my job to help make them hear you!

I used to be afraid to speak. Who would listen to someone who looks like me? Who would take my expertise seriously?

So, I started doing things differently than everyone else and it worked.  My life has changed forever by the blessings of Allah. I don’t want to do this alone and so I am committed to teaching you how to use proven public speaking techniques to get your seat at the table or knock it over. As I always love to say ‘it's sunnah to eat on the floor anyway’.

I take you from being afraid to speak to speaking up, from being a good speaker to becoming a PHENOMENAL POWERHOUSE SPEAKER!

You can book a call here to find out how speaking up can change your life too.



“Stage school is a brilliant program for anyone who is looking to raise the bar on how they deliver their message to the world.”


Ameenah Shaw

Islam Channel presenter, Sister2Sister podcast host and CEO of NHT

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